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15th January 2014

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Dev Diary 1

Restarting interval development, January 15th 2014. Testing a terrain system where 4 plotted points determine shape of an island


8th September 2012


Zeitgeist Death. :(

I feel really bad about it but i decided it was for the best to close that minecraft mod zeitgeist, at least for me. I posted source-code for any die-hard fans who want to continue it, or just people interested in learning java or modding minecraft. Idk, I think it’s a good idea?

Buenos noches, mi Zeitgeist <3


6th August 2012


vital system architecture

codecocecodecodecode+code= code;


9th May 2012


Zeitgeist version 0.82.2 released ^^


1st April 2012

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Zeitgeist- Notice

Good News Everyone!

yes i know in futurama that dictates bad news, but i mean good news! Part of the reason i was so reluctant to start up that minecraft mod again was i thought i lost the most recent source files to it after a horrible corrupt HD fiasco. i wasnt looking forward to having to start up again on a 2 month older copy, but i emerge victorious as the corruption was quite minor and with software recovery i can recover things 100% intact so far! hooray! But it’ll still be a while before i update, but THIS time, when i say a while, i mean maybe a day or so, cuz i am back! and hopefully i will stay this time!

and again this is still not an april fools day joke, i really hate how i decided to start this up again on today of all days… lol….


1st April 2012


Minecraft Mod, Rise of the Automatons/Zeitgeist

Im gonna work on it again. yay.

No this isn’t an april fools joke.

Im probably just gonna port to 1.2.4 for now, we’ll see about new features soon though.


28th February 2012


11770 lines of code

and 109 classes. 


on a side note im adding water finally. yay. let’s hope i can get it flow AND work with time travel properly… oh lordy.


23rd February 2012

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GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! if you can understand any of it…

holy dicks, i had an amazing development.

first of all, ive learned how to make terrain rendering a LOT  more efficient. for one thing previously each time you travelled a distance and the new area was rendered, i accidently had it create the entire land model, vertexes and all, all over again instead of just recycling it like i easily could have. that fixed alot.. also i saved data by about 30% when i found out duplicated vertexes can just be stored as one instance and model rendering just uses some crazy indiciies buffer thing magic… basically my models are 30% less computation. 


i actually discovered all this while researching a different geometric magic. geometry instancing. basically if you have a model thats exactly the same as another model, you can just save it as one instance and have a vertex shader duplicate that model where you want. the difference between this and just plain drawing it as a seperate model is by some graphics magic it saves a lot of computation. not as much as just copy-paste like you’d think since they still need to account for light and perspective and stuff, but still alot…

what does that mean? well i can add a really high amount of vertexes now, which i intend to use for aesthetic shit like blades of grass (cubic but hey its a voxel game, what do you expect?) which im hoping will make everything super attractive looking :D otherwise ill just cry… either way so much progress ^^


19th February 2012


blood spewing truck, cuz why the fuck not?&#8230; (okay it&#8217;s a just a glitch but i still think it&#8217;s funny..)

blood spewing truck, cuz why the fuck not?… (okay it’s a just a glitch but i still think it’s funny..)


17th February 2012


Update 5 version 0.03-preAlpha4

YAY biggest change is map editor

+map editor, finally…

+time-travel is now done by selecting the date on the timeline then pressing T or ENTER/RETURN to travel to that timeframe.

+ingame messaging/objective system

+objective gui menu under pause menu

+indoor locations (kinda hard to use still though)

+entity capture inventory system thing, (not usable yet, but you can look at it)

+lowest terrain height now drops into a pit, aka there can be deadly pits now

+view distance can now be set in options

+all sorts of guis and miscellaneous whatnots not worth mentioning as no one would appreciate it, heh

*new objective parsing system on level text files

*pit terrain turns dark regardless of material type

-removed some various bugs, kinda hard to name specifics though, sorry lmao

it seems like there might be some performance drops, everything is kinda jury-rigged still so its not that surprising, hopefully i can kick out a good performance boost eventually

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